Leading India’s plastics industry for decades now, Supreme Furnitures offers the widest and most comprehensive range of moulded plastic furniture, including chairs, tables, cupboards and more. Along with being sturdy and long-lasting, our furniture units are available in a plethora of styles and avatars that perfectly fit your furniture needs.

Supreme for all needs

We design sturdy, long-lasting units for all your furniture needs - from indoor and outdoor seating to work and storage requirements. Every Supreme unit is a trendsetter of its own right, oozing with style and functionality to enhance the personality of the space it is in - living rooms, office, commercial spaces, home office, and every other space you can think of.

Commitment to quality

At Supreme, we are committed to ensuring total quality, across all our functions, processes and operations. This enables us to go beyond what is expected from us to deliver top-notch products and solutions to our customers. Several of our plants are ISO certified: for their quality management systems, safety norms, and environmental performance standards. This is indicative of our larger quality consciousness that helps us make superior products, exceed the expectations of our existing clients, and win new customers with confidence.

Innovation anchored on sustainability

It’s no secret that the furniture industry is a major contributor to environmental degradation and mass deforestation.

At Supreme, the foundation of everything we do is directly or indirectly linked to the planet and its finite resources, and therefore, we take special care to ensure that we make sustainable products. Our moulded plastic products last a lifetime, thereby reducing the burden on our environment while also mitigating the wastage of resources.